This is the Sound

Three groundbreaking new studios brought to you by Paul Epworth

This is the Sound

Three groundbreaking new studios brought to you by Paul Epworth

This is the Sound

Three groundbreaking new studios brought to you by Paul Epworth

This is the sound of The Church Studios

Three groundbreaking new studios brought to you by Paul Epworth

Welcome to Miloco

Miloco loves recording studios. We specialise in providing the very best studio facilities and expertise to clients around the world, and aim to cater for all budgets. You can discover our range of rooms here on the website including our core studios spread across London and the UK, and our international portfolio of amazing studios in amazing places, which can be found in countless great locations around Europe and the rest of the world. Even if you cannot find what you are looking for here on the website, then still contact our experienced team who can help you track down the perfect studio wherever it may be. Email us at

We operate in many other areas, too. Miloco provide clients with brilliant engineers and producers who we represent across two different rosters: Gotham and our own in-house crew. We also run a specialist studio construction company which builds and renovates spaces across the world; offer a choice of high end mastering studios and dry hire long-term let rooms; and have formed a partnership with the reputed Drumdrops Multitrack drum track specialists. Our combined services mean that Miloco can provide everything one can need from the world of recording.

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Latest News

It's without doubt the recording studio launch of the year. After months of anticipation across the recording industry, we are delighted to unveil Producer Paul Epworth's incredible Church Studios in North London. The rebirth of this legendary London facility has been a year in the making, and now these three world-class studios - Church 1, Church 2 and Church 3 - are open for commercial use.
This is the sound...

  • kensaltown studio a
  • attica audio recording
  • gretsch kit drumdrops
  • the agafay studio
  • blue bell hill studio
  • no1 baltic place studio
  • sleeper sounds studio
  • church recording studio 1
  • church recording studio 3

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    we're everywhere

  • The Church Studio 2 | London

  • Assault & Battery 2 | London

  • No. 1 Baltic Place | London

  • Babajim Studio A | Istanbul

  • The Engine Room | London

  • The Motor Museum | Liverpool

  • Angelic Studios | UK

  • Sofa Sound | London

  • Forum Studios A | Rome

  • Westpoint Studios | London

  • Kensaltown Studio A | London

  • Studio Trilogy SSL | San Francisco

  • The Agafay Studio | London

  • La Chapelle | Belgium

  • Assault & Battery 1 | London

  • The Bunker | London

  • The Square | London

  • El Mirador | Spain

  • Prime Studio 2 | Austria

  • Sundlaugin | Iceland

  • Lightship95 | London

  • Karma Sound Studios | Thailand

  • The Church Studio 1 | London

  • Attica Audio Recording | Ireland

  • The Pool | London

  • The Church Studio 3 | London

  • Swarapadi | Bali

  • The Summerhouse | Osea Island, UK

  • Livingston Studio 2 | London

  • The Red Room | Paris

  • East Point Studios | Osea Island, UK

  • Prime Studio 1 | Austria

  • Summerfield Studios | Birmingham

  • The Park Studios | Brighton

  • Music Lan Studios | Spain

  • Forum Studios Master | Rome

  • The Bridge | London

  • Black Rock | Santorini

  • Hoxa Studio | London

  • Livingston Studio 1 | London

  • Red Kite Studio | Wales

  • La Fabrique | France

  • Sonic Vista Studios | Ibiza

  • Perry Vale Studios | London

  • Sleeper Sounds | London