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equipment 14th Sep 2010

Lightship95 – New Outboard, I/O and backline

Over at Lightship95, our studio on a boat, run with producer engineer Ben Phillips, we have been upgrading the spec across the board. First up the Protools Rig has had a litte update with the addition of a Digidesign 96 I/O adding another 8 inputs and outputs.

On the outboard front Ben has purchased 4 new mic pre’s to complement those already built into the Calrec console. The new mic pre’s are low noise D.A.V. Electronics Broadhurst Garden 501′s which fit snuggly into the API series racks and come with built in DI’s. More information on these mic pre’s can be found at the D.A.V. Electronics website.

Finally Ben has been busy updating the already impressive backline selection with the purchase of Orange 2 x 12 and 4 x 10 guitar cabs and a 1 x 15 bass cab. to check out the latest equipment specification click here.

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