Ben Thackeray

Recording Engineer and Mixer

Managed by: Miloco

Relaxed, friendly, talented and calm under pressure Ben is the perfect man to have at your side in the studio. He combines a fantastic knowledge of studio operations with the kind of chilled out demeanour that's essential to ensure smooth and enjoyable sessions, and has worked with a wide variety of artists including My Bloody Valentine, Patti Smith, Lupen Crook, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Gruff Rhys and many more.

Starting his career at Mark Angelos Studios, he then moved to Mayfair Studios where he earned his spurs as a highly reliable, hard-working and knowledgeable assistant. In 2003 he left Mayfair to join Miloco Studios as an assistant where he swiftly graduated to engineer.

Imbued with a renowned calming influence and a first class knowledge of Pro Tools, he's allied these skills with the know-how built up over years of working alongside some of the industry's top producers.

Since 2012 Ben has also been heavily involved in the recording, design and production of the Drumdrops catalogue.

Artist Record Credit Client Listen

Marques Toliver Live Recording Eng RAF
Josh Tenser Album Eng/Mix
Nightworkers EP Eng/Mix

Rachel Zeffira The Deserters (Album) Eng/Mix RAF
Ambervision EP Eng/Mix
Alex Wilson Trio Album Tracks Eng
Jamie Cullum Edge Of Something (single) Eng Island Records
Johnny Borrell Album Tracks Eng Mercury
Max Shire EP Mix

My Bloody Valentine Album Eng Kevin Shields
The Walking Forest 528 Hz (single) Mix
Julie Wilkins Album Prod/Eng/Mix
Cat's Eyes EP Prod / Eng Polydor

My Bloody Valentine Album Eng Kevin Shields
To Arms Etc. Album Prod / Eng / Mix
Julie Wilkins Album Prod / Eng / Mix
Lupen Crook The Pros and Cons of Eating Out Eng / Mix Beast Reality Records
Nylo Album Eng

Does It Offend You, Yeah? Don't Say We Didn't Warn You Rec / Mix Virgin
To Arms Etc. Lucky/Misbelieving (Double A-Sides) Prod/Eng/Mix Bronzrat
Gemma Ray Lights Out Zoltar! Eng / Mix Bronzerat
VV Brown Tracks Eng Island
My Bloody Valentine Album Eng MBV
To Arms Etc. Corner Games Prod / Eng / Mix Bronzerat

The Envy Corps 'Age Of Consent' - New Order cover Eng / Mix Mercury
Gruff Rhys Monsterism Island Soundtrack Eng Ankst Management
Oasis Gruff Rhys remix Eng Big Brother
Little Boots Meddle Eng Atlantic
Burmese Days Forthcoming Tracks Eng Supervision Management
VV Brown Travelling Like The Light Eng Island

Aynzli Jones Album Tracks Eng Mercury
Patti Smith and Kevin Shields The Coral Sea (live) Eng Rocket Girl
Malakai Malakai EP Eng / Pro Tools Island
Dextro Hearts and Minds (remix) Prod / Mix Gronland
Charles Campbell-Jones Most Mathematicians (single) Prod / Eng / Mix Bronzerat
Fields Charming The Flames (B-Sides) Eng / Mix Atlantic
Metric The Police And The Private Pro Tools Drowned in Sound

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