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richard x producer interview, miloco studios Richard X

2011 has been a special year for Richard X, with Will Young's Echoes, which he produced at Miloco entering the charts at Number One. We sat down to talk about the album's production, Richard's thoughts on the ever-changing recording industry and his pop career to date.

Richard X Producer Interview
stephen street producer interview, miloco studios Stephen Street

Shortly after we launched his new room, The Bunker, we were thrilled to be able to sit down with Stephen Street to discuss the studio, his prolific catalogue of work and his thoughts on how the industry has changed over the course of his career.

Stephen Street Producer Interview
ben hillier producer interview, miloco studios Ben Hillier

It's been a good 4 years since we sat down to chat to our longterm business partner and good friend, Ben Hillier about ever-developing Pool studio. It was time to reconvene...

Ben Hillier Producer Interview
mike crossey producer interview, miloco studios Mike Crossey

Mike Crossey took part in a Miloco producer interview in June 2011 to give an insight into his world of record making.

Mike Crossey Producer Interview
cameron craig producer interview, miloco studios Cameron Craig

Grammy-winner Cameron Craig learned his trade in Australia, before relocating to the UK where he has built a repertoire of credits alongside the likes of U.N.K.L.E, Joe Strummer and Suzanne Vega...

Cameron Craig Producer Interview
philippe weiss producer interview, miloco studios Philippe Weiss

Co-owner and creator of The Red Room, Philippe Weiss, has worked with everyone from Erik Truffaz to Cee-Lo Green.... Today, he is acknowledged as one of the top mixers in France.

Philippe Weiss Producer Interview
hugh padgham producer interview, miloco studios Hugh Padgham

Two and a half years after Sofa Sound joined the Miloco group, we finally caught up with the studio's owner and all-round recording legend, Hugh Padgham.

Hugh Padgham Producer Interview
leo abrahams producer interview, miloco studios Leo Abrahams

Leo Abrahams is an artist and producer whose career path has seen him collaborate with Brian Eno and David Holmes amongst others. In January 2010 Leo teamed up with Brett Anderson and Chris Difford in The Pool...

Leo Abrahams Producer Interview
toby smith producer interview, miloco studios Toby Smith

For the launch of Angelic Studios, owner Toby Smith kindly let us ask him some questions about his vision for the studio, his immense collection of gear, and his career to-date.

Toby Smith Producer Interview
craig silvey producer interview, miloco studios Craig Silvey

Once Craig Silvey had moved himself and his sensational collection of vintage gear into The Garden in October 2009, we caught up with him to discuss this newly-revitalised studio...

Craig Silvey Producer Interview
gavin monaghan producer interview, miloco studios Gavin Monaghan

Gavin Monaghan came to The Pool from his Black Country home of Wolverhampton, with his Black Country friends named Editors, in November 2008...

Interview with Gavin Monaghan
victor van vugt producer interview, miloco studios Victor Van Vugt

In 2007 producer Victor Van Vugt came to Miloco to produce the debut album from The Rushes. He has helped the likes of Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Beth Orton and Billy Bragg on their way to stardom...

Interview with Victor Van Vugt
flood and alan moulder producer interview, miloco studios Flood & Alan Moulder

On a muggy summer's afternoon in Willesden Green, Miloco sat down for a fascinating hour's worth of chitter-chat with the legendary Flood and Alan Moulder at the Battery Complex...

Flood and Alan Moulder Producer Interview
markus dravs producer interview, miloco studios Markus Dravs

With Coldplay's fourth album banging on the frontdoor ferociously, we thought - just before the storm prevailed - we'd sneak a quick interview in with one of the masterminds behind the album...

Markus Dravs Producer Interview
dave eringa producer interview, miloco studios Dave Eringa

It's was a busy year in 2007 for Dave Eringa, so it was insanely difficult to tie him down for a quick chat. Thank god for email...

Dave Eringa Producer Interview
ben hillier producer interview, miloco studios Ben Hillier

In the summer of 2007 roughly a year after The Pool was built, Miloco sat down with producer Ben Hillier to discuss the unique ideas he had behind the studio's design...

Ben Hillier Producer Interview
gareth jones producer interview, miloco studios Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones and These New Puritans were in our Toyshop room at Leroy Street in 2007. It was a perfect opportunity for us to grab an hour of his time talk about his hugely illustrious career in record production...

Gareth Jones Producer Interview
howie b producer interview, miloco studios Howie B

Howie B is a producer, DJ, record label boss, clothes designer, artist and well, pretty much anything else that enables him to get his creative juices flowing.

Howie B Producer Interview
phill brown producer interview, miloco studios Phill Brown

Miloco grabbed half an hour with Phill Brown, the man who's twiddled knobs and jiggled faders for, frankly, everyone who's anyone.

Phill Brown Producer Interview
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