Assault & Battery 2

“In the days where a well equipped, decent sized recording studio with professionally designed acoustics are becoming rarer, it is a joy to work at Assault & Battery 2. The control room is stacked with classic mic amps and compressors. The Neve desk is an outstanding piece of engineering to record and monitor through and last but not least, the recording space itself is versatile and inspirational. I love it! It is now my favourite tracking room in London.” - Stephen Street


“We think it’s so good, you should come on down” - Alan Moulder & Flood

Assault & Battery 2 Intro

Assault & Battery 2 is a world-class tracking studio run as a joint venture between Miloco and leading producers Flood and Alan Moulder. It quite simply offers the complete recording experience.

Based in the revitalised Battery complex in Willesden Green, Assault & Battery 2 is one of London's last remaining classic recording studios. One of its many special features is the expansive live room with high ceilings and natural daylight. The space can accommodate everyone from bands to jazz ensembles and even small orchestras, and with the addition of a Grotrian Steinweg Concert Grand Piano in 2011 it can now fully cater for all piano sessions. To one side of the live room are two large isolation booths: a bright room that is ideal for producing colourful drum sounds; and a secondary booth that houses a great vintage keyboard collection, featuring Roland system 700 modular systems and a wealth of other rare analogue synths.

The control room is centered around a Neve VR60, Protools HD3 Accel running on an Intel 8-core mac and Quested monitors. Highlighted within the spec are Flood and Alan's many microphones, mic amps and outboard. A fantastic backline spec is filled with guitars, amps and pedals of the highest quality.

The combination of large recording spaces and an almost unrivalled equipment spec has been masterminded by two of the world's most respected and influential producers. You can now see why Assault & Battery 2 ranks as one of the most inspiring recording environments in the UK.

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