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- "Being at Babajim is a mixture of being with friends as well as surrounded by a top world class studio with all the bells and whistles you could ever want .With a nigh on school of great engineers for a ripe picking, this is the place I'll go to when home in Istanbul. Us Turks are on the rise !" (Peter Murphy- singer, Bauhaus)

- "Babajim Studios in Istanbul is a wonderful experience. Stepping off a busy side street in the heart of Istanbul, one enters a beautifully designed, calm studio environment that is a haven for musicians and producers alike. The equipment is top flight and maintained perfectly, but as always, it's the people who make a studio. I cannot rate the staff at Babajim highly enough. They made my two week stay in Istanbul a great experience and the mixing project I was involved in was a joy from beginning to end!" (Chris Sheldon - producer)

Babajim Studio A - Intro | Miloco Recording Studios

Babajim Studio A is the flagship recording space of Babajim Istanbul Studios & Mastering. It is specifically designed to inspire musicians' creativity, and to be a playhouse of sonic possibilities for engineers and producers. 

The studio's layout is both original and striking. Designed by Roger D'arcy of Recording Architecture, it comprises five isolated rooms spread across two different levels. It is both acoustically and aesthetically brilliant.

The spec is built around a Neve 5088 32 channel analogue console. There is a good choice of quality outboard, and many plug-ins loaded on a Pro Tools HD3 rig. The live room benefits from a beautiful Fazioli Grand Piano and Yamaha drum kit. A large selection of microphones is also at hand.

As one of the very best recording studios in Istanbul, Babajim sits at the forefront of the Turkish music industry. The studio has connections with all of Turkey's best musicians who specialise in many regional genres. Get in touch if you are looking to hire top-standard professional Turkish musicians for your session.

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