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The Pool's next era begins!

Posted on 5th September 2011

This month we're ushering in a brand new era at  The Pool. The Pool's longstanding partnership between Miloco and producer Ben Hillier is thrilled to join forces with Johan Ekelund, co-founder of Kobalt Music Publishing. Johan has arrived with a huge shipment of outboard that joins an already vast spec. The studio's selection of gear now rivals the most famous tracking rooms in the UK. There are over 40 different microphones and a backline spec including three drum kits, countless analogue synths, guitars, bass guitars, pedals and amplifiers, and a Yamaha Baby Grand Piano. The control room now provides over 50 Mic Pres and EQs, including the addition of 18 vintage Neve Mic Pre's (9 x 1079s) which joins the rare EMT console.


As far as tracking rooms go The Pool now has pretty much everything: a vast live area, control room and drum booth, all designed for maximum sound quality and vibe. And then there's the spec! Find out more on London's ultimate recording studio:

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